Patona Equity PROJECT
WEB DESIGN · Lead Funnels · Email Campaigns

Project Overview

Patona Equity’s mission is to make it as easy as possible for investors to participate in commercial grade real estate investments.

To achieve this, Patona Equity required a clean, upscale design to appeal to high net-worth investors and entrepreneurs.

Patona Equity also required an easy and efficient way to generate investor leads and funnel them to invest in their apartment syndications. We created a free multifamily passive income investing guide to get potential investors into Patona’s email list for future marketing and to educate investors as to why they should be investing in multifamily.

We also created a campaign of 9 emails that get sent out over the course of a month after they request the investor kit for an investment syndication. This continues to give them more information about the property and why they should be investing in the respective commercial real estate.

Each Syndication requires and a visually stunning and lead-oriented landing page to show off the property to investors.

The Patona Equity Website

…conveys information in an easy to read format on all devices.

(Most screenshots have been cropped to save space)





Syndication landing Page

This landing page is setup to provide investors will all the information they need to make an informed decision on the syndication. It is interactive and mobile-friendly.

This page is designed to guide investors to request the investor kit which will put them into our funnel and begin the month-long email campaign where they will receive 9 emails with additional information about this syndication, along with reasons to invest in this market with Patona Equity.

Email Campaigns

We created a template email so the Patona Equity team has everything they need to create additional emails when they want to send their own emails to their list or to specific investor groups.

We provide a designed header, hero image, paraphs, headers, 2 styles of buttons, a divider, link, and signature.

This template was used to make all of the emails in the drip campaigns we set up for those who requested the Investor Kit. The email shown is the first email of 7 in the campaign. It provides a link to access the investor kit and tells them more about the syndication and it’s benefits. We acheive this using both text and graphics. They will receive another email 3 days after this one detailing the benefits associated with investing in multifamily properties.

Passive Income Investing Guide

This 20 page guide was designed to be given away to potential investors for free in exchange for their name and email. This strategy sets up Patona Equity as a knowledgeable company and allows to intake that investor’s information for future marketing campaigns. This signup process also enters the investor into an email drip campaign to continue to share the benefits of multifamily with them.

You can download it here, without providing your contact information, to see firsthand the unique visual nature of the guide which makes it easy to consume while still providing value. Simply click the button below to open the guide or continue reading to see screenshots of a few of the pages in the guide for your easy viewing.

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